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Default I am so excited!!

So dh and I are wanting to make a triad and we, well I, took out some adds on a few dating sites. I contacted anyone who struck my interest, withered they identified as poly or bi or straight. I contacted people who didn't meet our criteria just to say that I enjoyed their profiles and that I think they are pretty cool people, thanks for being you etc yadda yadda. So we found one woman who met a few basic criteria, contacted her and dh has met her. I will meet her soon and I am so excited, if only to just find and make a friend who shares so many of my interest and my hubby's. I am a little nervous and skeptical because its happening so fast and a bit to 'made for TV' perfect. I can't believe that we met someone so perfect for us, so fast and that she is so receptive to the Triad relationship; not too eager, still very independent and cautious too. If I wasn't looking for a triad this woman and I could become fast friends and same goes for my hubby. I am just in love with the possibilities for the future of our family. I have to get over a few insecurities and fears that revolve around intimacy but I think I am over thinking these things.

I have two friends (women) who I would join to my family in a heartbeat and not bat an eye at the thought of my Dh having sex with them without me. I wouldn't thing twice about him having unprotected sex with them or even telling them he loves them, because I love them so much. They are great friends and I could not imagine my life without them. I know that this is the difference in my feelings of jealousy. I know that Dh would drop this endeavor in a heartbeat if I said I couldn't handle it, he loves me with all his soul. I had to talk him into this so I know that the responsibility is mine and that I am in control of the situation this far.

The excitement of a new relationship is so exhilarating and its such a bonding experience for Dh and I. It has made us communicate so much more and has even livened or intimacy. I love this feeling and I want to keep it going for a while but I also want to start this relationship, its such sweet torture.
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