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That seems pretty bad :S
I think there is a lot of prejudice against trans people period. I wouldn't know if it's more pronounced in the gay community, but a lot of things you've said apply to straight or bi people too. For instance, I don't think I'm likely to ever be with a trans person. A trans woman because they'll be a woman, a trans man because of the lack of the bits I'm attracted to, and the presence of bits that repel me. I don't wish ether of them any harm as people and I do want them to find someone, but I think attraction is unlikely to happen with a trans woman, or sex with a trans man.

I understand it's hard, but I mean no malice by my lack of attraction, any more than I do by not being attracted to females in general. I do think trans people have a much smaller dating pool, sadly, although some people seem meant for them (I know someone who is attracted to men but not to penises for instance, and is perfectly fine with vaginas) and some don't mind it one way or the other.

Anyway, all of that doesn't change the fact that this discrimination is terrible, especially the toilet stuff. I remember going to school up till high school and we had shared bathrooms. People in houses share bathrooms. Why should they be segregated like that? Why can't we all share the same ones anyways? I don't get it.
And it does seem extremely hard to be recognised officially. It seems we're making progress on that but it's slow.
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