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Originally Posted by febus68 View Post
why do i want to marry her ? good question. because i love her and we do enjoy our time together when we do spend time together.
No reason to rush into marriage for the 3rd time just because you love her, dude.

could i marry her if she knew i wanted to see other women ?

we've talked about this a lot a few times and she gets upset about my desire. i try to tell her that i would still love her if i was seeing another woman.

i suggest non-traditional meet-ups in a half-joking way but she is very conservative and very monogamous. i try to downplay my poly-minded ways but the truth of it is it keeps cropping up in how i feel about women in general.

i don't know. i think our relationship is doomed to end unless i conform to the mono lifestyle way of thinking.
Yeah... and definitely put the marriage idea on hold!

yes she does want a child of her own down the road and if we do marry i would be willing to have her get pregnant through artificial insemination(another donor).
That, plus your poly nature, are big red flags. Fertility treatments are extremely stressful. Not to mention expensive, and youve already got 4 children to support!
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