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I am only 25,
so i guess it wasn't so long ago i was 21,
i had to grow up extreemly fast, got kicked out of home at 16, was homeless for a little while, and at 20 i met C, who at the time was 23, we fell in love very quickly, and moved in together after 6 months, so by 22 i had bought a house, was in a steady relationship with a dog and a cat and was very happy

we where together for 3 and half years before we considered making our relationship poly and we had one disastor at the start and then finally we got it right and now we are both very happy.

so i never did date lots of guys and experience youth in the sense that you did,
sometimes i wish i had
sometimes i think that i am making up for it now in a sense

but then i think about what i do have, a loving supportive partner, and a new relationship that i feel is really going somewhere.

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