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Complete sympathies, just finished a fight this morning via text (how messed up is that), but feeling better now.

I'm notorious for switching topics in the middle of a fight and using past incidents as ammunition for the current argument (not doing this anymore - or really trying), so I'll try to explain where Romeo is coming from. If you can remember the incidents he brought up, make a list. Each one of those items are things that are unresolved and are eating away at him. When all is calm, you guys will have to have a discussion about only dealing with one topic at a time (google non-violent communication).

When my husband will try to "explain" his actions, without apologizing first it comes across as he is trying to justify his behavior and doesn't need to apologize or even admit there was a misunderstanding. I need the apology first in order to diffuse my defenses. We are still working on this one.
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