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why do i want to marry her ? good question. because i love her and we do enjoy our time together when we do spend time together.

could i marry her if she knew i wanted to see other women ?

we've talked about this a lot a few times and she gets upset about my desire. i try to tell her that i would still love her if i was seeing another woman.

i suggest non-traditional meet-ups in a half-joking way but she is very conservative and very monogamous. i try to downplay my poly-minded ways but the truth of it is it keeps cropping up in how i feel about women in general.

i don't know. i think our relationship is doomed to end unless i conform to the mono lifestyle way of thinking.

yes she does want a child of her own down the road and if we do marry i would be willing to have her get pregnant through artificial insemination(another donor).
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