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I am a married woman, very happily married. My hubby and I met on line and are a great success story in monogamy. In the last 2 years I have brought up the idea of going poly and forming a triad. At first I thought a V would work best but Dh is not on par with that; he doesn't like the idea of him being the focus of the relationship and would like me to have equal partnership too. He is very much a fair and just person and is a strong communicator, he has taught me not to run and hide from issues but to face them, take personal responsibility and to offer solutions. We work very well together, trust each other and just want to have fun and live life. Recently we have taken a big step towards completing out triad by actually searching for a woman to join our marriage. Its all happening very quickly and at first my ugly green monster was having its way with me but I finally turn it over and now I am on top and in control. I had to do some serious self evaluation and ask myself some serious questions to challenge my security.
Anyways; Dh and I are thoroughly enjoying the excitement of meeting a new prospective friend and lover. We get to share that excitement, something couples, unless poly, will never experience together, something we haven't experienced since we first met....its delicious. It has strengthened our marriage and created new spark for our sex life ;D and we also get to dream and plan this new relationship together.

A few friends know about us and my mom also knows, I feel that we need to surround ourselves with a strong support group and I am glad to know so many people love us for us. This all so exciting and scary and crazy how fast and easy its coming together. I feel we found the perfect woman for our family and that makes me a little nervous but I felt the same way about my husband and it has worked great. I see that many triads do not make it far and I am hoping to be successful in this once we make a full triad commitment.
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