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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
No two things can occupy the same space at the same time. So, if you're disappointed, you can't force yourself to be un-disappointed. Let yourself feel it and it will dissipate of its own accord. Try to stuff it down and it will grow stronger. Just allowing yourself to be who and what you are, even if it's not the most pleasantest of feelings -- well, that's freedom.
I guess it's not so much the being disappointed, but the being able to acknowledge it to Wendigo w/o seeming like I want him to feel guilty or apologize. (I spent alot of time in the beginning trying to break him of his habit of apologizing for things he needent). Wendigo is by best friend, you know the kind of friend you share all your girl talk with; so I want to share my disappointment that I'm not spending as much time with my boyfriend as I'd like, to share how much I enjoyed the last time that the three of us were all together and how I'd hoped to do it again when he came over next, but its hard to do that when you're best friend is also your boyfriend. When he and Pretty Lady get wrapped up in work, I sometimes feel a bit lost because he won't log on to chat for days and I don't have my best friend to talk to and if he does log on (PL got him to sign in to chat on Mon for us) the conversation is pretty one sided. *sighs*

I sympathize with your frustration with Burnsy not communicating more often. Wendigo is definitely distracted and disconnected right now and I'm sure he will apologize for it later, but I also know he's doing something he loves, so it I feel a little guilty for wanting more of his time.
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