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Default Introductions

Hello all!
I wanted to say HI and introduce myself. My hubby and I are new to polyamory, and kind of figuring it out along the way. Currently, he does not have a lover, having just broken up with a long term secondary. It has been hard on both of us. I have not found someone to truly love, but have had a few lovers over the last few months. More casual than anything else.

It's almost like we have a mix of polyamory and an open marriage. Hubby has to feel a deep connection to someone to have a physical relationship..he doesn't do "casual" sex. I, on the other hand, can have sex with someone without the deeper relationship. We have to be friends, obviously, but I don't need to be "in love".

We struggle sometimes with what our goals really are. Right now, we want to be open to the idea that love is boundless, and that it does not have to be restricted to one partner.

I look forward to reading posts here, and learning from everyone's experiences.

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