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I'm feeling pretty down today. Romeo and I got into a fight last night. I had a really hard time keeping up and figuring out what the fight was even about. It seemed like every time I started to get an idea what he was upset about, he'd switch topics and bring up something else that he was upset about, but continue on as though it were the same thing. I was very confused and frustrated.

We didn't come to any resolution, I guess we're going to have to keep talking about it today. Snuggling with him this morning was comforting. I don't look forward to re-opening that can of worms, but it is clear we have things we need to talk about.

I think the bottom line was that he felt that I don't take his feelings into consideration. Rather, as he put it, I don't think about him at all. Which I feel is patently untrue, but any time I tried to explain that, he'd bring up more of what he felt was evidence, and he'd say that actions speak louder than words. Any attempts I made at explaining myself were disregarded because I was "just trying to rationalize" my actions.

So yeah... I'm feeling pretty crummy today, actually.
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