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I don't have any kind of feelings at all towards the person he's communicating with. I would probably feel better about her if she'd made some attempt to communicate with me, I believe that he's encouraged her to do so, and she knows how to reach me on the site they met on. As far as I can tell, she hasn't even viewed my profile there. But what he has told me about her sounds fine, and she might well be an ethical and sensitive person with only good intentions towards him and us. She might also be Cowgirl, Part 2. I can't tell.

I'm probably the most worried about what a new person could do to our sex life. It's taken us a lot of time and a lot of work (not to mention a lot of injections!) just to get us to a point where sexual intercourse works MOST of the time. And I know he still has no control over his head and he's hypersensitive to just about everything connected with sex. He's far too likely to misinterpret things that I say to be negative even when I don't intend them as such, and him even imagining that I'm frustrated/uncomfortable/unhappy during foreplay will cause him to lose his erection and not get it back, in most cases.

(Yes, we are both quite aware that there are toys and oral sex and manual stimulation, but we are both passionately fond of intercourse, and if we can't have it, it doesn't feel like a complete or satisfying sexual experience for either of us.)

I have found that having a new sexual partner of my own revvs me up and causes me to want my husband more too. If he reacted that way too, it would be great, but last time, it was just the opposite.
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