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Default considering poly but with a mono partner !!

Hi All,

I am in a monogamous relationship but there are times I wish I had other female companions I could spend time with romantically.

A number of times in this 1.5 year relationship we've discussed my wish to see other women but she's not in favor of me seeing other women.

I did meet a married poly woman (her husband was mono and was fine with her poly desires) and we discussed our poly desires. It was just chance I met her (a customer through a job I do part-time lol) but it made me think of what it was (or is) i really want.

I love my girlfriend and she loves me. She says that if i start seeing another woman she told me I needed to tell her goodbye.

She is ready to settle down and get married (she's 31) and I just got divorced a second time after a 10 year marriage (i'm 43 and have had 4 kids from 2 marriages - she has no kids and has never been married). I'm also sterile from a vasectomy (hallelujah lol !).

I definitely have to decide what to do because I keep flip-flopping between wanting to marry her and wanting to have the freedom to date other women. Dating other women I don't think is an option she would be happy about as I shared what she gave me as a condition above.

What do I do folks ? any suggestions ?
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