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Default Conflicts, Jealousy, & Time Management

Not sure if anyone remembers me but i am the girlfriend of 'polytriad' and his wife 'wifey' on this site. i wanna learn more about how to handle conflicts, jealousy and time management (we have 3time (as we call it) down, but need to work on one on one time and maybe even alone time which i am sure can sometimes happen simultaneously. i just began reading 'Opening up' at my boyfriends suggestion and i been looking on this and other poly sites yet i welcome any tips, comments or suggestions. my inquiring is applicable to my overall relationship as a whole as opposed to focus of one partner cause we all need this education in one facet or another. hopefully while addressing time, including one on one time we will help alleviate the volume of these negative emotions however i know it will remain an issue to work on.
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