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So, I mentioned a while back that Davis and I hadn't yet resolved what he was comfortable with regarding me and Eric being sexual at present. He had suggested maybe no penetrative sex, maybe if I let him know before anything happened, etc. I wasn't very happy with those options and it's not like sex was happening with Gia and Eric anyway, so Davis and I just tabled the discussion for a bit.

Even though there's realistically very little chance that anything will happen at the big camping event this week, I figured it'd be good to revisit the issue with Davis and come to an agreement before I left (he's not going, for reasons of money).

To my shock, he simply said "I've given it a lot of thought and I've decided that I'm ok with whatever you want to do with them. If it doesn't affect you and me, and you're happy and stuff, then it's alright."

I believed him when he said that he was going to be working on these issues, but I'm so surprised and impressed that he's come so far in less than two months! Heck, what he said was almost exacly the same as what I said in my last post about my feelings on the situation.

I pressed him a little more and we talked about how things went down in the situation with Ziggy, and his leftover fears regarding all that, but ultimately it was clear that although he was still struggling he'd meant what he said.

I'm in no way getting my hopes up, but it makes me very, very happy to know that on the off chance something sexy does go down with G and/or E during the coming week, I won't have to worry about holding back or upsetting Davis.

Davis and I have had our issues here and there since we re-started our relationship... he's going through some stressful stuff, we are sometimes very in tune and other times all snappish with each other... but I'm proud to have picked a man who can be so brave and open-minded. This is still all VERY new territory for him.
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