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J is still really working on the NRE I love that man!!

Today, we took the boys to the lake down the road and had a great time. We didn't stay too long 'cause it was 113 degrees (F). Scorcher!! While we were there he really focused on family time and left his phone on the beach. I wondered if he would check it often to see if she had text, but he didn't check at all!! I was so proud of him! We followed that up with a trip to the sno cone stand in town (J's idea) and picked up some stuff for me to make homemade ice cream (no machine needed!). It is in the freezer now working on freezing (it's not going fast enough LOL). J had me send a pic to him while he was at work of the ice cream, 'cause he can't wait to dig in to it either.

I love days like this!!
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