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Is there are a policy against being together with in the company?

Karma and I have worked together at several places. We were always upfront that we were dating and at one place we were equals so no one really cared, at another we were put in diferent departments and at another because I was a manager, different stores.

People like to talk. And no matter how try to hide it or deny it, when people are together, especialy for a period of time, it's almost impossible to hide from people who are watching. Maybe it's still being talked about because no one believes the denials.

If it's a matter of keeping your job, then do what you have to do. If it isn't and you just don't want to bring it to work, then do what you are doing and ignore the talk.

Anytime there is a large group of people, there will always be speculation and stories.

We don't work together now, but in the foam weapons fighting group we are involved with, there's about 300 ppl. Some know our history, some don't care, and some just go off the rumor mill. Karma had a history of cheating but that is in the past. We are currently dealing with people assuming he is cheating again with his new girlfriend. They have no idea what the truth is and by now I wouldn't be surprised if they decided he has a haram going on. But whatever, if they wanna talk, I'm glad we are interesting enough to provide such entertainment for them.
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