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Oh this is hilarious.... LR and Maca... you are hilarious. I love you two Ceoli you are such a hot item on here! If only they all knew how cute you are in real life (trying to get you some dates sweetie, hope that's okay?)

Anyway, Kaylee, this has been a topic before on our dear forum... you are not new to this situation. Have a look around and see what others have said... this is why I wish people would tag threads so that others can do a more thorough search for stuff that is relevant to them grrrr....

Anyway again.... yup, your Mark seems to be a little gun happy with the term "Poly." Perhaps a wee gander on here would show him that respecting a partners boundaries is number one. He seems to be in a state of NRE that makes him feel awesome and is forgetting (because NRE fucks with your head and hormones) that you have boundaries around this.

Ya, if it continues then I think I would leave... well actually I would leave now really. Once those boundaries are not respected for me in such a repetitive manner I can't go back from that and frankly the relationship is forever changed so what is the point. Perhaps if you leave he may become panicked (your panic about it will be given/translated/past over to him,,,, about time you get a rest from it too I might add!) and decide to change his ways and actually include you in his relationship as far as establishing boundries, which is kind of the point to it all in the first place, or will decide he wants to move on... at least you will know.
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