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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
Sure it's possible. Is it something I would watch? Probably not. I have lived through my own "poly dilemmas", currently live with two partners, and when that's not enough poly in my life, I read and post here.

Sitcoms make light of things (situational comedy). I think there needs to be more awareness about what poly actually is (and how varied it can be) before the media can go poking fun at it without the unwashed masses taking that as the truth.
What about like a Will & Grace type sitcom but with poly? That show actually could have incorporated poly with all the different relationships that went on. They must just not have thought about it. Although, could Will have been described as having Grace as a platonic primary while dating until he found that guy that he ended up with (policeman)? It was all very monogamy oriented, wasn't it? (been a while since I've seen it)

Originally Posted by nicothoe View Post
The Sci-Fi show Caprica portrayed a polyamorous family. Granted, they were also terrorists, but nevertheless it was still refreshing to see.
I love Caprica. When are they going to come out with the second season? That was the best sci fi show I've seen since Star Trek, I think. Anyway, which family is poly? The woman who was building the computer for the avatars to go to heaven? Was that woman she murdered her metamour (am I using that term right? first time I've attempted to use it - just came out actually)? That would be interesting if the polyamorists were monotheists.
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