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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh! I posted my last message before seeing this.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Let go and reconnect with yourself. Why not make a list of ten things in your life that make you happy and read it every night before going to bed. It helps to remind ourselves of the things we're grateful for.

Don't take this the wrong way... I am in a mood right now. I know people have been trying to give me advice about just leaving him to his relationship and not worrying and wondering WHY I am.

I've PMed with someone on this board who understands what I'm going through so I could explain the whole issue. And she agreed with my concern. I'm sorry that nobody else who can't hear the exact details is not getting it. I really am... but the fact is the problem I have with her is MAJOR ALARM BELLS. Not some little "I don't like her for some silly reason thing."

So I appreciate the advice to go get with myself. I am doing that, and have been for months. I am good with that. And I AM letting go of him because I have no control over his choices. And I have no choice. The universe will do what it does, and I'll mop up the pieces as usual.
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