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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I weirdly enough until very recently thought that thinking about your SO's preferences while making relationship decisions regarding OSOs is harmful, and it's controlling and bad form to ask consideration from your partner in these matters. But maybe I'm a bit conceptually fuzzy on the whole control/consideration/compassion scale.
Originally Posted by rory View Post
I totally disagree with that statement about that being harmful. Although it depends of the sort of thing expected. I wouldn't go looking for an unicorn of some kind (mutual attraction all around), but I do think it's reasonable for my established partner(s) to expect me not to pursue relationships which are harmful or full of drama or unhealthy. I do expect the same, too.
I do agree, actually. I guess I just thought that if someone was a concern to me then it should be to him, but that's not the case, and I'm starting to see it doesn't matter.

At this point I'm just letting go completely. No expectations, no rules, no anything. I'm letting it all go.

If we work it out in some way that works for us, that would be lovely. If not... well, for the first time in a decade I'm not afraid anymore.
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