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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Trust can be re-built, but it will take time and effort. Just from what you have posted here, you and your husband have a lot of unresolved and even some never touched on issues and resentments between you. To me it looks like you both have done things you shouldn't have and broken each others trust, more than once and this is beginning to look like a series one person gets hurt and the other retaliates in some fashion, but no one is willing to actually discuss the hard but very important real issues. It just keep getting sept under the rug while everyone is hoping it will just go away. I am completely baffled by what to me seems like a strong fight against getting professional help for your marriage(not for you alone, for the both of you together).
I really don't think he has broken my trust. Talking about our personal conversations with her maybe but he needs someone to talk to. We obviously aren't very good at communicating. I wasn't trying to retaliate against him at all and least not that I know of. I just saw it up and read one sentences and took it all wrong. Had I not broken that trust than there wouldn't even be an issue now. I do think it helped me come to terms with a few things and will make things better for me it in no way helps anyone else. Not to mention he is mad and I am sure she will be too when she finds out. I never meant to break their trust at all. I care too much about them. I am sure we need counseling and maybe one day that would be an option but right now I don't think it is.
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