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Default Open Relationship/Poly groups

After 2 years of Dating O, we are discovering a community of like-minded individuals in our small town. All the friends that doubted us are more comfortable, and even participate on occasion (lightly). This is AWESOME to me, because originally I banned friends from this, and now appreciate the honesty and trust in the occasional fun with someone you know.

Furthermore, one of my closest friends has opened up her relationship and is exploring polyamory (not just open relationships) with a long-distance bf. Something she said she would "never" do when I was talking to her about me. Now, everyone is stepping out of the wood-works, and we even have a nice little community that cropped up out of no where!

It is soooo nice to have this support network, to just be able to talk/not feel singled out and weird about talking about your SO's trysts with other people, no matter how small or big a deal they were. I think others are feeling the same.

Also, my close friend is so strong in all of this that I feel more comfortable and trusting in O. I realize that regardless of the shape of your relationship, it is so important to have others to bounce ideas off. This is probably why I've been quite absent from here. I'm happy, secure, and have my own little group of live people to hang out with and talk to. I can bring J to parties with all of my friends there (even though nothing is happening between us anymore, it was weird for a bit b/c everyone knew what I was doing). I am not ashamed, WHY WAS I?

There are no OSOs, who knows if there will be... but the exploration of all of this has been so incredibly rewarding in so many ways, I don't think it really matters.
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