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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Wow, how can you say that after Imaginary Illusion and I took the time to quietly and respectfully explain the unfortunate unclarity of the standard FAQs, and where to find the specific user guidelines?

Admittedly, Neon's frustration over many people's requests to have posts deleted leaked into her posts, but this attitude we are all against you does not bode well for your participation here. Nor for being poly itself, if I may extrapolate.

I think some big girl panties are sitting in a drawer unused here...
If Neon is a moderator it is her job (or should be maybe you guys don't have standards like forums I am accostumed to) to not take it out on new members. What does that say about the board as a whole? I posted a VERY OBVIOUS discrepancy in the FAQ'S here after NEON chastised me for asking about it. If you ask me SHE has some big girl panties that are do you for cheering her on.

In Neon's own words:

I take this Personally because i have done a lot to try to organize the information on here so that it is easy to find, and i know redpepper has done the same when it comes to tagging threads. I tend to receive it somewhat disrespectfully when someone comes on and asks "how do i deal with jealousy" or "does anyone have any coming-out stories" etc. because that tells me they haven't done any browsing arou d the forum as these two topics are both tagged and in Golden Nuggets. Golden Nuggets is right in the main directory on the main page of the forum and it says right underneath it "Posts worthwhile to read". How someone "can't find it" makes me wonder how you find the stuff to register and post here in the first place.

Saying things like "makes me wonder how you find the stuff to register and post here in the first place" makes a user WHO DID ask a question feel negatively.

And then saying things like
Perhaps if more people read that we wouldn't be getting a request to delete posts every other day from people who think they are so special the rules don't apply to them. Then they complain that the rules are "hard to find". Horsefeathers.

I was the one that posted about deleting posts. IT WAS ME. I didnt post it because I thought I was special BUT BECAUSE YOUR FAQ'S WERE UNCLEAR. Excuse me for not scouring the entire site after reading YOUR FAQ'S that were unclear.

And another example of Neon's sarcasm:
Sorry i made you feel like a total moron. Is there anything i can say that will make you feel like a total genius, as a way of making it up to you?

Then I further enjoyed the banter between you and she:
Thanks Mags. I rescind my apology.if someone decides to feel like a "total idiot", that's fine by me.

and your reply:
Neon, you're such a brat.
It's like you are cheering her on? You should get some pom poms and put your hair in pigtails.

Then this rude statement:

I wish people would just own the fact that they didn't bother to read the rules because they were eager to start posting. I'd respect that as opposed to "Wah! I can't FIND it! You need to make things easier to find! You make me feel stupid!"

I READ THE RULES, THEY WERE UNCLEAR...WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND...IT WAS EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED by ImaginaryIllusion but yet people are still trying to make it out like I had no reason to be confused and I should have just kept searching the site for the answer.

I was chastised by Nycindie for calling polyamory a lifestyle. I think it's HILARIOUS though that she removed that post.

imaginaryillusion actually posted THIS on that thread:
This wasn't really the thread to reopen the lifestyle debate with a new arrival anyways.

I think the actual question about the edit window has been answered, so this thread should be just about wrapped.

So obviously Imaginaryillusion has some sense and knows it's probably a bad idea to be sparring over insignificant things with NEWBIES. Thanks to her for being kind to me in all her posts even if I was not "extremely intelligent" like some of the members here like to say they are.

Thanks to those who were sincere and kind to me. I appreciate that.

As for you "extropolating"....go ahead. Knock yourself out, I find it humorous that you would judge whether I was right for poly or not based on the fact that I stand up for myself when someone is out and out rude for no reason OVER SOMETHING SO SILLY AS SOME RULES ON AN INTERNET FORUM. Do none of you realize that in the grande scheme of life THAT IS INSIGNIFICANT AND WE SHOULD ALL BE KIND TO EACH OTHER?

It all boils down to this "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I try to live by this but sometimes some people make it very difficult.
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