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Nycindie: I think writing an e-mail would be good, because that way you get to tell him all the things you want and have time to think how to say them. If he wants to talk about it more, he can call you after reading the e-mail, right? I don't think writing an e-mail about important things is cowardly.

I have been in LDRs, in one that changed into LDR after living together for years and also in one that started out as a LDR. I think every form of communication is important. Sometimes it feels better to write down your thoughts especially if they feel complex and hard to explain, in that case an e-mail is the best. Sometimes it's better to talk via Skype and webcam because you get to see each other and that adds another dimension to the communication. Sometimes I prefer chatting via messenger etc, if I want to communicate briefly but can't/don't want to talk for some reason.

In general on how to keep a LDR fresh, I think it's important to keep contact quite often. That way you get to talk about things that happened during the day, the not-so-important-stuff as well. If you only speak once a week, it's likely that the conversations are more serious and about important subjects. Not necessarily though, but that's my experience. I think sharing the less important things as well keeps the connection in better shape because you feel that the partner is a part of your day to day life.
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