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I don't think it is entirely possible to prepare yourself for the wave of jealousy and emotions that are going to hit you the moment you enter poly waters. The least you can do is expect them.

I try to be a realist. I tend not to view jealousy as a mythical beast that can be killed, or never existed to begin with. That way, when it does raise its ugly head, you are not completely taken by surprise. I tell myself it's okay to be jealous, and what really matters is how your handle your emotions, and whether you have precautions in place to stop yourself from becoming an ass. I say this because how often do we find ourselves betrayed by our own emotions? You tell yourself your okay with something and then BANG! you feel you have been shot in the stomach. Maybe you can write a letter to yourself, to be opened when your world has been turned upside down,

"Dear John, this is your rational self speaking. You're probably thinking right now that your relationship is in ruin, well, it's not, so get a grip of yourself man...."

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