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Originally Posted by VeronicaE View Post
I will.
I do not feel like talking him into anything, though (meaning poly). I don't intend to be a poly-activist (except for translating to Spanish some books on the subject, maybe, which would benefit a lot of people who don't speak English).
I don't think you'd be talking him into anything. It might be helpful to him to have that conversation with you and actually consider why he was thinking about cheating in the first place. If he has feelings that can't be contained by an exclusive monogamous relationship, they're not going to go away just because you do. You both shouldn't presume how his girlfriend will react either. Vale la pena!

I am involved with someone who passed through that scenario once before we met and have worked with him quite a bit on honestly and seeing that there are other options outside of the mono/cheating model. It's really not self-evident in this culture.
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