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So good to have you back, Annabel! It's a delight to read about someone in a (recently even more) similar situation who handles it with the grace and honesty you do!

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I wonder, often, what our relationship will morph into once she's healed up and settled into her new role a little more. Will we, at any point, be lovers again in the physical sense? It'll have been a year in October since we were last intimate.
I posted a question a while back on the poly with kids thread about how common it is for couples to retire on poly while having on kids. I've heard a few stories on how the new mothers just don't have the energy needed to keep up even one relationship to the co-parent of their child, much less multiple ones, and how the physical connection is often the first to go .

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Right now it feels like this stage will never end.
A huge surprise coming up; babies grow up shockingly fast! Before you know it, Bee is insisting on vacuum cleaning every little bit of hazardous waste on the floor with his mouth, not long after he'll be constantly teeter-tottering on his way to harm, and you start missing the times he just mostly slept !

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I'm feeling more and more tender towards him as time goes on. I mean, duh, you're always going to love a baby who belongs to someone you love. But every time I'm holding him and he looks up at me with big, concerned eyes and I whisper to him and he mellows out and squeaks at me, I feel all the more like I never want to let him go, even during the many other times when he's screaming and crying and pooping and spitting up.
I think you are starting to love Bee the Person and not Bee the Baby of Gina and Eric, which is going to be one of the glues that sticks the four of you together in the years to come, even if the precise relationship form changes . So happy for you.
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