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Originally Posted by Imapolygirlmaybe View Post
I agree it did indicate THERE MAY BE A TIME LIMIT and when I didn't see a time limit indicated IN THE FAQ'S ABOUT DELETING YOUR POSTS then I posted the question.
My issue is not with you asking that particular question. I do recall quizzing you about why you'd post something if you're planning to delete it. However, asking that question was the right thing to do and I was hoping (and still do hope) that other people will see it and if they are wondering the same, they will get their answer. But as we have seen, many people "can't find" or don't read that section of the forum and there isn't any way to make it stand out more. Maybe we could increase the font size?

Anyway, Imapolygirlmaybe, there are a BUNCH of other people BESIDES YOU (and you all know who you are) who have private-messaged the moderators over the duration whining about how they didn't read the rules or "couldn't find" them or "didn't know" and now they regret what they posted and could the moderators delete all my posts so my parents/OSO/kids/employer/soon-to-be-ex's attorney won't see it kthxbai.

So, this is not about YOU. You are actually one of the smart ones in this scenario because you ASKED BEFORE you did something foolish or impulsive. But by all means, keep calling me a "mean girl" if it suits you to do so.
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