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Originally Posted by Imapolygirlmaybe View Post
Secondly I DID look for an answer and what I found was conflicting and so I wanted to clarify which is why I asked. God forbid I ask about a rule that was conflicted IN YOUR FAQ'S. How dare I do something so ignorant, I definitely need to be made to feel like an idiot. Thanks for that.
NK & AT have addressed the software general FAQ's. And as indicated they have also brought it to my attention as well.

Your ordeal does show that the general information in the FAQ's should be made more specific to this board, and the frustration of the mods indicates that while we have taken great pains to ensure that information is easy to find, we are obviously missing a critical path for a significant set of users including yourself.

I will look into adjusting the standard FAQ's to contain or point to more specific information to try and close that loop. One of the reasons I hadn't bothered was the pending upgrade to a newer version of vBulletin, but since there is no firm timetable on that, we'll adjust for the interim.

As this line of discussion really has little to do with the current thread, expect the related posts to be relocated to a more appropriate location.
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