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Lol, I'll take Shark Week any day over this crud!! Shark Week is one of our favorite times of year

I started cracking up earlier. One of the aunts posted in our family group on FB with a question about pictures for his stepmom. She replied today that she'd talk to Dad about it when she calls him tonight 'cause she went to SA to take a break. Break from your own drama and lies?? More like, going to spread them further. I've wanted to text her or message her and just chew her up one end and down the other, but it's not worth it, so I haven't. We'll be out of here soon enough and then things will die down. They just won't be completely allowed in our lives from now on I guess. Can't trust them. It's sad to do that 'cause we don't know how much longer Dad will be around, but we just don't know what else to do.

Is it too much to ask to not have drama going on so we can just enjoy life??
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