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Well, so far, M has kept the pinkeye to himself. Let's hope that he keeps it that way. B had a great reading class yesterday. Her teacher confirmed to us that she is ready for transition to chapter level books and could probably read some chapter books as well. She doesn't like chapter books though because she wants pictures and most of them don't have any pictures. We are so proud of her as she will technically start Kinder on August 15th as that is when her classes will be loaded into the online school.

I have looked through her curriculum for all 5 of her courses and I am pretty sure that based off of what she already knows and how fast she learns that, she will be done with the kinder classes in 6-8 weeks. This school is 1-2 grade levels advanced from the regular public schools here depending on the subject.

She will have language arts/phonics, math, science, history and art to start off with. I am just not sure if they will send on the first grade music once she finishes the K classes or not but I am not all that concerned about it as it's not required past 2nd grade since she can trade it for a foreign language course starting in 3rd grade.

We have another potential match in the works on the poly front. I have established contact with a man but am waiting to
hear back what he thinks of the picture that I sent him. I will update when I know something. Wish us good luck! He is
straight so it would be a V situation with some mfm threesomes involved especially at first.

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