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Originally Posted by Taygus83 View Post
No im not in a v with both or sleeping with Jeff. Sorry i guess i was vague. working relation ship with both is my goal.

If our relationship goes for more than a fling- yes I'd like us all to live in a community property.
It's best to be as specific as possible here. You can use adult language. Sex is a big topic here. If you are sexually attracted to Jeff, and vice versa, and it's been simmering for years, once you actually go there, I bet there will be more than a "little" NRE. And then your h will have to deal with that, and so will you.

So, don't put the cart before the horse. Sex and NRE first, moving and and co-parenting down the road in a year or so, once you 3 (6) have made the adjustment.

If you just want to be non-sexual, yet romantic intimate partners for the long run, that's another kettle of fish.

Your husband is aware you and Jeff "love" each other? Just trying to get a handle on the intensity of desire, if any, for consummating your love.
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