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OK>>>>>>> HELLA RED FLAGS>>>>>

IMO you should not marry this guy.... It seems to me that the lines of communication are not complete.. I have a few questions for you.

1) Have you told him how YOU feel?
2) Why do you feel its ok for him to be with another but not ok for you?
3)Are you ok with the fact that he is still with her after knowing he told you it was over?

I hate to be so blunt but IMO your self confidence and self worth need a boost.Although I have only got a bit of info ( and only from you) I dont see this as a healthy relationship for any of you. IMO you need to step back and take a serious look at the relationship, ask yourself::

Is this relationship honest?
Is it open?
Is it compassionate?
Is it loving?

I wish you the best of luck.

Peace and Love
" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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