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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I think preparing for poly is kind of like preparing for pregnancy, birth and a new baby. You can read books and websites, talk to lots of new parents, take childbirth and breastfeeding classes, but you can't know the joys and challenges of getting pregnant (esp if there are fertility issues), being pregnant, changes in one's body image, nausea, extreme fatigue, choosing a dr or midwife, birthing, breastfeeding, pediatrician visits, lack of sleep, til you're really doing it.
This is So true Mags but consider the alternative.
The advance education and planning does take SOME of the edge off and minimize a lot of the early mistakes. It gives you a point of reference to cling to when you think you are drowning. It's a "wait a minute - I've read/heard of this and ways it can be managed" thing.

That's a lot different than "OMG - the world is coming to an end - what do I do !"

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