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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
How many of the most successful poly tangles have become that way from a foundation of reading, discussing, extensive soul-searching, and a dedication to self-knowledge beforehand, and how many of them had to overcome devastation and save themselves from drowning because they jumped into the deep end of the pool without much forethought or preparation beforehand?
I think truth, even for those of us who are "successful" (however one chooses to define success) lies somewhere in the middle.

Mags really hit the nail on the head. You can read and imagine and prepare, but it's still freaking overwhelming at times. And it's what you do at that point that I think shows whether or not you'll make it. Do you slow down, figure out what's going on, see who needs to work on things and then do just that? Or do you give in to NRE, put your head in the sand and keep going?
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