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I would have strongly preferred seeing a movement to get the state out of marriage period. It's ridiculous that benefits - like health care - are often only available when married. One should have health care because one exists. (Canadian readers, yes, I know - you're already there which is awesome.) I've heard more than one couple - straight and queer - say they married at the time they did only to get one of the couple health care, or to protect each other legally in some way.

I would have preferred a civil union set up for everyone, with religious rites of no legal significance for those who wanted them, and the availability of benefits and responsibilities for a wider variety of people than 2 people, sexually involved, financially intertwined in some way. Gay marriage as it is now is just another step. A big step but just a step. And Mags is right. It does little to address the rights and needs of those folks who do not fit into neat little binaries. I, for one, am going to continue pushing for rights for all.
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