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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
It merely means I only love one person romantically including sexual expression at a time. All the other stuff is not poly specific.

In summary - I am comfortable living and loving the current poly "fI" dynamic I have and can handle the inclusion of other women. I will not be able to commit the same way to a more open form of poly. I have dedicated my love and family support to Redpepper but I would never pursue another poly relationship as a mono person and I do not recommend them to others for the health of both the mono and the poly person.

Allthough I agree that" All the other stuff is not poly specific" I have seen that living a poly friendly lifestyle promotes all that other stuff.Its a given that ALL relationships SHOULD be loving ,honest, open, compassionate but thats not allways the case. What I have seen from the poly population is a dedication beyond that of normal relationships. Hence my comment that you are only mono in the physical and romantic sense. Hopefully you can see that in no way am I belittling you or your stand for what is healthy for you. I respect you.
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