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Right, so... ahem. Still not naming him. Right now we're not officially anything. We just both enjoy one another's company and are exploring our mutual attraction, and right now that involves sex. I'm not reading into it or trying to force things into some kind of serious/committed relationship, but I like where things are right now.

It's nice being with someone who is experienced and has no problem using condoms. Actually, not only does he have no problem with them, he simply wouldn't think of going without unless he were in a serious relationship or married.

I'd like to be more physically affectionate with him (so far, contact is mostly exploratory or some type of foreplay, not just pure affection), but I don't want to alarm him. From our conversations, he seems wary of getting really emotionally entangled. I think I'll mention it once, though, just to feel out his response.

I think things are going well, though. We've had some really awkward conversations and covered some pretty important stuff, and that hasn't killed the attraction or anything, so... I think we're good.

There was a bit of a hitch between Romeo and I, but we're OK now. Something I did made him feel rejected and like he wasn't a priority to me, and I hadn't anticipated that. Once he explained how the situation looked from his point of view, I understood why he felt that way and apologized. He's not un-hurt just because I apologized, but we're moving forward and I'm making extra sure to make him feel like a priority. (Yes, I'm being vague on purpose. Sorry. Don't feel like sharing the details of this one.)
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