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Hmm... I met my partner's significant other after just after I began to realize I was falling for him. She was a sweet freckled and bespectacled redhead, small compared to me (which made me feel like a giantess at first...). But she was definitely more assertive, which actually worked pretty well. I was terribly shy; I thought she was cute, and I had butterflies in my stomach because I didn't know how things would go, or if she liked me, or if "she and I" would get along... She was wearing a flowing gold top and this skirt that showed off her legs, and she had this habit of worrying her lower lip with her teeth that was adorable. I stammered my way through a few conversations, and then we warmed up to each other, and then things became awkward again. Finally, over hot chocolate, she said, "You're the shyest pervert I've ever met!" and it broke the ice.

She fell into my bed and my life and my heart, and although we never had the soul-sweeping passion for each other that I did for my partner, there was a lot of special in that relationship. The love was of a different flavor, but it was there. Later on, she went through a gender transition, and I did my best to be supportive, and there was angst and a tearful breakup... but then we ended up close friends. Really close. Right now, I think we're closer than we've ever been, and there's chemistry there, although he's at a different place in his romantic life and so am I... but it's one of those friendships that lasts, you know? I'm glad we met, oh-so-glad... I didn't expect to gain a family member, but that's what I got.

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