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Default I work with my lover

My current relationship for the past 6+years is a V = M-F-M me being the hinge and neither of my boys are poly, so things get tough emotionally sometimes...but so far we have made it work, and I love them both!

Warning...This is a long post...but I do have a purpose to get people talking about working with your lover...

Here is my history with such things...
I have been with the same employer for 9+yrs where I met my lover. We have been working in the same deptartment within this company for all these years.
When we first started dating people talked a quite a bit. I guess the NRE might have been showing... but as the years went by that chatter has died down and we have become just a normal everyday part of the wood work to most...or so I thought...
Just a bit more info...we work together, and though people might think it is obvious that we are a "couple", we are not open in work about our relationship and if questioned we deny it. Well... actually I have taken to telling people that are bold enough to ask the he comes over on the weekends for 3 way with me and hubby, but before we get it on the boys oil each other up and paint each others toes...not that there is anything wrong with that if it was happening...but if you knew these boys...well when I say it with a stright face makes people stop in their tracks...
My lover has shared an apartment with 3 guys we have worked with so obviously some folks knew...all 3 have dated within our work, and 2 of 3 are now working elsewhere, but still in touch with people from our place. So I am sure someone has told someone else the truth about us...
5 years ago I moved into a differnt dept a sub branch off the one we are in now, he did not move and I thought all the chatter was over...I have since moved back and now working in his team. I have been back almost 1 year and asked a few times by out management team what our deal is.
So I guess people are not done talking...
We are professional at work neither of us have gotten anything less that high key preformance reviews (new> low> low key> key> high key> exceptional) I have even pulled of the rare exceptional a few years in a row.

So now to my question... has any of you had a successful relationship with a co-worker? Or maybe not so successfull...tell me about your ups and your downs and what you did to make it work or how / why you felt if couldn't...

I am not worried about my relationship, as it has been on going for years, and its not work that is getting in our way as a couple...maybe someday it will have run its course but we love each other now... I just forgot how annoyed I get with nosey people, and I need to keep my cool and not tell someone off for being so nosey...I say, if your not in my circle of friends and you do not wish to be, then back off and mind your own business!
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