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That's exactly how I feel, Neon. I've been doing all the "research" as it were, joining this forum, looking for a community, some people for advice, trying to get everyone on a level before it all started, but they're both full of NRE and wanting to be more spontaneous, and if I'm honest, I'm pretty rubbish at being spontaneous. So maybe if I could let go a little bit and take a chance sometimes, there wouldn't be as much of a conflict...
But I do think they've both realised that we've gotta take a more pro-active attitude to the whole setup, for everyone's benefit!
And Nycindie, I looked at lot of those posts but didn't feel they were all relevant, but there's a couple that you showed me that I wish I'd seen before I posted. D'oh.
You weren't much of a muse, but then, I wasn't much of a poet...
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