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NOTHING prepared me for what happened.

I had been involved in non-monogamy for some time. We had been swingers. We had had an open relationship.

Prior to the "L" word, prior to anything else - the first "date" they were having - we were all sitting in my living room - them on one couch snuggling, me on another alone, and a conversation happened that left me feeling worthless and unloveable.

Then they left me alone.

It was not a good start - and the end was worse.

It leaves me hesitant to start up anything with anyone - although I'm still sorta "looking" and he has decided that he is adamantly NOT going to pursue anything else - the pain and stress was too much for him.

I did a lot of research ahead of time. I had already experienced non-monogamy. I had no real problem with it.

If anything, what I did "wrong" was to not insist on more conversations and that things NEEDED to slow down.

Although the few times I did express that they were going too fast I was told that I was being "irrational and unreasonable and controlling"

So meh.

I was sorta prepared, but not.
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