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Well, J's dad talked to him tonight. Told him that he wants us out of the house by the end of August. He wants his wife to not be so stressed and what not. She's doing it to herself, it's not our fault. But, whatever. We were already hoping to be moved to NM by the end of August anyways for J's new job, so it's really not that big of a deal. It's just frustrating that her lies and gossip have caused so much turmoil in the family. I'm also very disappointed in Dad that he would just believe what she says and judge J that way, without knowing the truth or even asking J. It really bugs me when a parent chooses a spouse or girlfriend over their own children.

I understand why he wants to keep her around (even though neither of them are happy together), but it's still frustrating. Dad has very bad health issues. He's severely diabetic and has seizures and episodes on a regular basis. He lives in the country, so he really does need someone around to keep an eye on him and be there in case something happens. But, oye!! At least have the decency to ask for the truth!!
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