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My point is not that people don't read it. My point is that people complain that it's hard to find, and say that is why they don't read it.

If you've posted a thread in General Discussions, that tells me you know how to find the "General Discussions" forum. Don't tell me that people think their thread is the first and only thread in General Discussions. There are other threads there, and at the top, there are "sticky" threads (ones that are ALWAYS at the top). We have put redundant links to these all over the place. It's not so that people HAVE to read all of them before they can ask a question. However, you SHOULD read "every single solitary rule" because there might be one in there that APPLIES to you - such as the one that says you have 12 hours to edit or delete a post? Perhaps if more people read that we wouldn't be getting a request to delete posts every other day from people who think they are so special the rules don't apply to them. Then they complain that the rules are "hard to find". Horsefeathers.
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