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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
It really struck me and I have tried not to categorize men and women ever since, but sometimes I do just out of habit.
We've all heard so much about "women's lib" over the decades. (I'm a feminist guy!) But fewer are aware of the much smaller "men's lib" movement/s. Just as women have been steriotyped and prepackaged and processed by restrictive and idiotic gender roles, so have men. And just as little girls have often been thwarted in their full and round development in childhood and adolescence, so have men been. Men are often less feeling, actually or apparently, because we're systematically taught not to feel so much and to think, think, think instead -- and be aggressive, assertive, competitive.... This is enculturation, not biology. But, of course, there are biologically based differences between men and women. Its just that it is very hard to know what boys/men girls/women would be like if allowed to follow their own natural inclinations.

I should also mention that many women are very, very "masculine" while many, many men are very, very "feminine", and everything in between. And this is the case regardless of sexual orientation.

All of that said, I'm definitely more "like a woman" (as conventionally thought) in regards to how I think about and value relationships. But I'm very much a man. (Hell, I used to be a wildland firefighter!)
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