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Same sex marriage is for gay and lesbian mono couples.

I sometimes feel when you see the LGBTQ tag, the T and Q are added on as an afterthought.

I am not a lesbian or mono. How about if a poly bi person feels the need to marry 2 fiances?

Transpeople-- How accepted and welcome, how safe, what kind of rights do they have? Job security, ability to have an apartment rented to them, reproductive rights? Even public toilets are an issue. Dorm living in college. Shopping for clothes. Forget about prison, should a transperson be arrested.

Matter of fact, once my gf was stopped for briefly driving down a deserted one way street at 2am. The cop was about to let her go with a warningand some flirty chat, until he saw her license said male. She was forced to get out of her car and subjected to arrest and ridicule and made the front page of the local paper as a "transvestite party girl."

What about transpeople's right to have their name and gender changed on government documents? It's different in each state, and some states require full Sexual Reassignment Surgery, which most transpeople can't afford, because they can't get hired at jobs because of transgender discrimination!

Same sex marriage is a nice and needed right for cis-gendered mono couples... It's not the only right queers need to have made into law for a full ability to lead their lives. Some (many) people pushing for gay marriage make it seem so.
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