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Default fix it?

Nothing is broken that needs to be fixed!

There is an analogy on one of the "famous" poly site regarding jealousy and relating this to "fixing the refrigerator". It is a good analogy and helps one to understand the process of addressing one's feelings and emotions and working thru them. BUT I don't like thinking about one's emotions and jealousy as something that needs to be fixed... because they are not broken!

It helps me to think of it as moving forward. Moving on, embracing life, etc. It is a good thing people have these things called emotions, and you seem lucky enough to have powerful ones. Now - I struggle with this too. It is very hard. But atleast removing one aspect of negativity eases me a bit. To know that there is nothing wrong with you, and this is hard, and a million people would agree.

Try to embrace it - work through your emotions and attempt to understand them. There really is no formula... just look at yourself and be gentle with yourself, be patient with yourself, and love yourself. IF you have an end goal in mind and work at it with love, you will get there. And if you are granting yourself patience and love and know that this is about a journey and not ABOUT that end goal you will get there. Cuz, the thing is, after that end goal, there is another, and another, and another...

Good luck. I know (for a fact) this is easier said than done.

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