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S and I are back to our almost daily sex. Which makes me feel a lot better lol.

S did want me to get another lover and honestly wanted it to be a threesome type thing. I have major hang ups on that because of past horrors...
He understood and then was ok with me getting the bf.. But yes the fear of me finding someone else and leaving him was there.. like a nasty thing in shadows. Im sure it will take time to realize that I love his ornery ass LOL and hes stuck with me. As far as him getting another lover... I think thats still up in the air. He thinks about it but says he honestly doesnt have the energy to have another....(hmm do I wear him out that bad??)
As for of WHY he wanted me to get a lover... It was the turn on of watching me be with another man. Or to have 2 at once. (him and another) I guess you can relate it to a live porno lolol. I mean it took me a long time to agree to it. Not that I didnt think I could do it.. More my insecurity of is he trying to push me away..get rid of me....type thing. Because hubs has ALWAYS been quite possessive over me even when we were just friends many many moons ago.

I dunno if the scent of another man on me turns him on or just makes him want to reclaim the land so to say. I went last night to a guys house that I have gone out with and talked to daily for awhile... And with the hubs permission did have sex. When I got home hubs was ready to reclaim. Which believe me is no problem. I will have to ask him about that lol.

I will have to read that book because that sounds exactly how it feels here. Its a turn on but yes he is afraid of my developing stronger feelings. Im sure that will work itself out with time and everyone becoming closer(if the new guy sticks around)

I am also making sure I am aware of NRE.. I dont want S to feel as if Im neglecting him or that Im happier with another. Making sure that the other guy stays the other guy for now. Im making sure to let S know he is first always. Or trying anyways. I have told him if anything he wants to know ask..

Did I catch it all? Im more awake now lol. But Im still message board retarded and cant seem to do the multiple quote thing to separate the stuff asked...
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