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Trying to put a finger on what I'm feeling today. Yesterday a friend asked me to get ahold of Wendigo and Pretty Lady to find out if they are coming to her wedding in Sept. as I am the only one who seems to be able to contact them outside of Facebook these days. Normally this would be no big deal, but I haven't heard a peep out of either of them since last Saturday. Wendigo has been working on a particularly difficult animation project (he's doing it entirely by computer and this is a newish medium for him) and Pretty Lady is extremely busy between her editing job and the book she was just contracted to write. Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but for some reason I'm finding myself annoyed that I'm not getting a response to my messages. Maybe it is that our friends who are getting married are obsessed with knowing right now, who is or isn't coming and I don't get that at all - we had a small wedding and if people could make it, they did; if they couldn't, no big deal. Anyways, I'm getting a bit annoyed with myself about it. I like to help my friends out, but then I am the one stressing about disappointing them. Anyways, I'm excited for our kiddo to be going to camp today, but nervous that it will be another week of early nights - I hate that I've been falling asleep before 10 when I usually stay up until 12-1am. And having a whole week with Runic Wolf to myself after work, I will want to stay up and enjoy it.
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