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It really was exhausting lol. After having the major blow up we had to talk...and talk.. and talk a lot more. Sometimes he holds crap in till it builds to the eruption. And he hasnt done that since then We have talked when stress starts to hit. Not when its piled on so thick you cant breathe. Sometimes things take the bow out to get back on track.
He now tells me all about his day instead of just saying alright or whatever. Normally he did tell me about how things were. But he had gotten where he was so wrapped up in the crap he forgot to talk to me. Took the blow up to realize he was closing me off. And with closing me off I had no idea what was going on how he felt so it started feeling to me like a ton of bricks weighted down on me. ANd so he just struck out with the stress on the one thing he could focus on me.
I even started dating again after this all went down and we talked. Making sure to stick to his days off and keep the communication there. Hubs has met one and will soon meet the other. Its a preference of mine that the person and my hubs can get along And of course Im dating to find the one that sparks my...interest lol. Hubby is my first priority and his happiness in any situation.
Ok that was a lot of rambling. lol I went to the one guy hubs hasnt met yet apartment last night. Had a awesome time. Hubs was supposed to meet him last night but he was super tired(which is understandable after a 12 hour work day) Maybe next time. So all the rambling is me talking without even 1 cuppa coffee in!! AKKKKK

Even in all the frustration... Communication is the key to everything and that was breaking down in us..That blow up freak out session...Was needed to throw things back to where they needed to be. And he stopped that whole yo yo shit that was making me feel crazy. That he was just so overwhelmed with everything(not even just the poly stuff) it all rolled into one big ball. and well... Im the target because Im the one he trusts to still be there even when hes a prick. LOL(his words)

Thanks everyone for listening to our crap haha. Im sure there will be more downs as there will be ups
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